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Changes While we've been Gone


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There's been a surprising amount of activity in the last few years. First, shadeMe decided to get married and have kids, so development of OBSE has shifted to Ilde. It looks like he continues to contribute and he did release an update to Construction Set Extender last fall. OBSE also has some engine fixes like allowing NPCs to access containers with scripts on them, so even if your mods don't require it, you may want to use it anyway.

Speaking of engine fixes... EngineBugFixes was first released even before I shut down the old site. A new version was released a couple of years ago now so development may have stopped, but it has a lot of vital fixes so strongly recommended. It can even be configured if you don't like some of the changes.

Work continues on Wrye Bash with another update last summer. They have switched to a stand-alone executable. If you grab the source you can install the Python version, but it's very fiddly and not recommended.

The biggest change is possibly TESxEdit. The new cleaning procedure is so different that my old guides were rendered obsolete even before I shut the forums down. Honestly I'm not sure I like the new cleaning procedure, but it's mainly because I'm concerned about what will happen when team members clean their patches. I actually need them to leave deleted references in their patch so I can apply them to the master. We'll see what happens when the time comes.

Lots of other updates to various mods.

Another big change is Nexus itself. They have introduced something called Mod Collections. This forced me to pull some of my mods from Nexus. I'm not against mod collections, but Dark Brotherhood Chronicles isn't finished and Oblivion XP needs an update. Oblivion XP can't be installed with Vortex, which is a requirement for mod collections. I didn't want either mod being included in mod collections until I release updates. If they haven't fixed Vortex, then I'll have to post a big disclaimer warning people, not that they'll read it. If you didn't delete your mods by last August (I think it was) then you wouldn't be able to, so I had to pull them. Very unfortunate because a lot of people were looking for them. Anyway hopefully I can get the updates released and we'll see what happens.

Please DON'T debate the merits of mod collections in this thread.

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