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[RELz] The Dark Brotherhood Chronicles: Awakening


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The Dark Brotherhood Chronicles: Awakening
Version 1.2.6

Download Links:
Will be available on TES Nexus.


Once upon a time, our name was whispered in the dark corners of the deepest caves and feared in the highest towers. Once upon a time, we bore the blood of emperors on our hands. Once upon a time, we were mystery, and secret, and the greatest in the Empire would gather our rituals to be allowed to grovel at our feet. Once upon a time, we scorned Mephala Herself, stole Her treasures, and found a master far beyond what She ever was.

But now...

Now, we are scattered, the Sanctuaries sealed. Now, the blood you have on your hands is that of your own family. Now, our secrets are broken, for we never saw the traitor in our midst. Now, the body of your master and mentor hangs in Applewatch, and the Night Mother herself scorns us for our failure.

Where is the power of Sithis now?

In the aftermath of the traitor's destruction, the Listener of the Dark Brotherhood now faces new challenges. Shadowy threats from without and little trust from within. The Sanctuaries have been locked, the Dark Family hidden. But still, someone has found them. Someone seeks to wipe the weakened assassins from the face of Tamriel. The greatest secrets of the Black Hand must be unearthed if the Listener is to save the Dark Brotherhood from extinction.  Or perhaps he will aid the Brotherhood's greatest enemy.

The Dark Brotherhood Chronicles is a large-scale quest mod. It boasts many new NPCs, locations, and both a large main questline and sidequests, delving deep into the shadowed history of the Dark Brotherhood. The story starts with Awakening, this instalment, and will continue with Consequences.


  • Choice. You have the power to decide not only how to perform within quests, but whether or not to accept them in the first place. If you turn down some quests, they are no longer available. Save your game before talking to an NPC.
  • Interaction. In some quests, the clothes you wear can affect an NPC's reaction. You can also taunt your target before the kill...
  • Decision. Some of our quests are disturbing. These aren't your morally ambiguous, or even justified, assassination missions. In tDBC, you are a heartless assassin, and will be called upon to perform reprehensible and grotesque acts. However, there are alternatives to these reprehensible acts: you can choose the path your character takes rather than being shoehorned into a purely villainous role.
  • Several new exterior locations and dungeons, including several new sanctuaries.
  • A wide variety of NPCs, with their own distinct character traits.
  • Custom rumours and greetings.
  • Lots of books and notes that enhance the lore and expand on the recent events in the Brotherhood.

Quest Notes:
The quests that comprise the main quest are neutral until the end. Then you will be forced to make a choice that will earn you fame or infamy. Some of the side quests will earn infamy points. However, they are optional, so you can turn them down if you don't wish to do them.

If you wish to complete all the side quests, do so before starting the final quest. You will be asked to retrieve a dagger.  Finish all the side quests before handing the dagger over.  Awakening will end once the final quest is finished and the side quests will no longer be available.

tDBC is aimed at characters level 15 and over. Companions and enemies are scaled, but quests are meant to be hard so higher level characters are recommended.

OBSE version 20 or newer
MenuQue version 9a or newer

Open Cities
Better Cities
Unique Landscapes
Roads of Cyrodiil Patch
ImpeREAL City Unique Districts

If you are using the Skingrad Outskirts module for Unique Landscapes, grab the 1.02 or newer update as that resolves some conflicts with the area outside Skingrad.

French translation by Sita

Awakening is incompatible with:

  • Anvil Bay Expansion (unconfirmed - assumed due to pre-patch conflicts with BC)
  • Duke Patricks - Fresh Kills Now Alert The NPCs (this one breaks the final quest in Awakening)
  • A Brotherhood Renewed (AI package conflicts - both mods are too similar to be run at the same time)
  • The Return of the Dark Brotherhood. Same reason as A Brotherhood Renewed.

Minor cosmetic issues with:

  • Reclaiming Sancre Tor (road passes under one of our locations - can go around)
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