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TESxEdit Notes


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Just a collection of tips and notes for TESxEdit (TES4Edit, TES5Edit etc).

Meaning of Different Copy as Commands

Copy as override: Copy a record into another plugin or new plugin. Wont let you copy a record on another plugin if the destination already has that same formid.

Copy As Override (With Overwriting): Same as Copy as override but it will also allow you to overwrite (with warning) if you copy a formid that already exist in its destination.

Copy as new record into: Copy a record but generate a new formid into another plugin or new plugin.

Difference between Copy as Override and Deep Copy as Override

If you copy a DIAL record as override it only copies that DIAL record, if you use "deep copy" as override then it also copies all the INFO records underneath. Similarly "copy as override into" on a CELL record will just copy that single CELL record "deep copy as override into" will copy that CELL record and all the LAND, PGRD, REFR, ACRE, ACHR, ... records that might be contained in it's child groups. (The same applies to WRLD records).

Worldspace Browser

Select Worldspace browser script or press ALT+F3. It will reconstruct the worldspace map from the distant LOD landscape textures. Select Overlay to superimpose various overlays onto the map. For example, select Overlay - Region - CyrodiilBorderRegion to display the Cyrodiil border. Select Wordspace (Sic...) to save as an image. Voila! Now you have a map of Cyrodiil with the border displayed. There are several overlays to choose from.

Useful Functions

Change Referencing Records - changes all the placed references to another object.

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Useful Scripts

Replace Map Marker - we'll need that for Argonia

Put worldspace references in the right cells - fixes "Reference attached to wrong cell for its location" errors in the CS.  Doesn't work. Makes things worse. Looks like position isn't calculated properly. It moves every single reference in your plugin, even if "new" location is the same as the "old".

Worldspace copy landscape area to another worldspace - copies landscape data in rectangular area to another worldspace. You can have it copy the textures too by changing bCopyLayers to true near the top of the script.

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Caution about "Worldspace copy landscape area to another worldspace" script: don't have it copy the textures unless you plan to use those same textures in your region generation. The region generation won't remove landscape textures if they aren't in the generated objects list for that region, so you'll get odd results if you generate the region. You'll have to manually clear out the landscape textures, which can be a long and tedious process...

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