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Oblivion XP FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


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Follow the installation instructions in the readme (PDF) EXACTLY. You may install this with BAIN, Vortex or manually. Instructions are included for all three methods.

If you get a big box on the screen with nothing happening, then you have installed it incorrectly or you forgot to enable the plugin.

If Oblivion hangs or crashes when you try to load a saved game, then double-check your installation. You must install Oblivion XP after any mod that modifies the user interface (UI), including the HUD. If you're not sure, install it last.

Do NOT use weOCPS. It doesn't prevent crashes, it just hides the cause, which means that you'll eventually ruin your game. It's also incompatible with the newer versions of OBSE, so your game will crash anyway.
NOTE: If you are using the FCOM SuperPack, then you will need to remove weOCPS which is installed automatically as part of that package. It's a DLL in your OBSE Plugins folder - delete if present.

Notice to users with High Resolution (4K) Monitors

Oblivion XP version 4.4 and onwards are now compatible with 4K monitors. The click zone issue has been fixed.

The compatibility list is in the readme (PDF) file. Oblivion XP is compatible with the major overhauls like OOO and FCOM. It is not compatible with Mod Organizer. I have been told it is compatible with Mod Organizer 2, but I can't confirm this personally.

Customizing Levelling Parameters

Do not customize the levelling parameters in the ini file if you have already gotten the level-up notice, but haven't distributed your points yet. In other words, if you have the level-up icon on your HUD or if the Level in the Character Stats screen (F1) says "Click to Level Up", do NOT change the levelling parameters. Level up first and then change the parameters.

I have my Attributes and Skills capped at 100, but I can increase them more than that. What gives?

Your Attributes and Skills include constant fortify effects. If you open the Active Effects window (F3, last tab), you'll see that you have several Attributes and Skills with fortify effects. These effects are due to your Birthsign and various bonuses that you earn as you play. Due to these effects, your Attributes and Skills may be increased beyond the cap you have set in the ini file. Once your base Attributes and Skills hit 100, you won't be able to increase them any further.

I'm getting "perfection can't be improved upon" message when I level-up.

Once your attributes are maxed out at 100, you can't level anymore even though you have skills that could still be increased. This is the way it works in Oblivion. Once you maximize your attributes, you can't level anymore. Oblivion XP can't change that. Leave one of your attributes one point below the maximum and don't increase it.

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