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Imperial Furniture Renovated Meshes for Fixing


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File upload

I uploaded all the miscellaneous meshes (and textures) but I think you'll see the bad ones from just the file sizes! The main ones are the miniatures I created from existing architecture:

  • Elven statue
  • Garridan statue
  • miniature lighthouse
  • miniature ship
  • priory chapel

I forgot how many I added. You'll notice that in some cases there's an "h" version and an "s" version of the same mesh. The "h" stands for Havok and the "s" for static. The Havoked version can be moved around and then it's converted to a static when the user finalizes the position. It's used for large items or items the player will interact with, like beds.

The items I listed above only have one version as they are small enough to just drop from your inventory and drag into position. I tell players that they'll want to use Decorator Assistant to get things placed nicely.

If you'd like to quickly check some of the other statues that would be awesome, but I don't think they are too bad. As far as I know AMajor7's models were pretty good. Those are prefixed with AM7.

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